Friday, February 15, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

Hello all and welcome.

I am a WEDDING photographer, and I love it! SCROLL DOWN and enjoy the pictures. Please leave a comment on my blog.



Shawnie said...

Awesome pics. I would like to get some family portraits as the weather breaks.

Whittington Still said...

Rick I never knew true beauty until i laid my eyes on your passionate works of art! You are an awesome photographer that actually has the ability to sink into your subjects in order to grasp the most exquisite part imaginable to the naked eye.

Rick, I'm so proud of you and all that you have yet to do. I'm honored to have you as my photographer & as my friend.

Thank you,

Whittington Still

Silena said...

Rick's pictures tells stories! You can just look at them and imagine what was going on at the time! He captures moments and make them last for a lifetime! Thank you so much for capturing our moments!

Silena, Germantown

Peter said...

Rick, Rick what a beautiful picture! The picture In the Sky.
I was there as Timothy's best man!
You are a fantastic photographer. You have my compliments Rick.
Greetings, Pete from the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

Rick, what an amazing collection. Your work is phenomenal!

Marlon said...

Rick, thanks for teaching me photography! My clients love the work I produce all because of your classes, and I'll always remember, "NO PAST...NO FUTURE...JUST THE MOMENT...Click!"

Marlon said...

Rick, Thanks for teaching me photography! My clients love the work I produce all because of your classes. And, I'll always remember "No Past...No Future... Just the Moment...Click!
Thank you Rick.

Bernard said...

Hey uncle I was browsing the internet looking at this photographer i met a few dayz ago work. He was telling me how his work was so wonderful. So I went to his website and I was not please at all.So i decided to look at some real photography and let u no how awesome you are and how much Im glad you past on your knowledge.Thank You Love you

Remonia Guthrie said...

Your work is absolutely fascinating . . . truly, a picture is worth a thousand words.
R. Guthrie, Durham, NC

Sid said...

Hey Rick...although I often joke about your infamous one pose, I see that your skills far surpass my expectations. Your insight & ability to capture the moment goes beyong words. This small "snapshot" of your work is phenomenal!! Keep up the good work!

J.L.O said...

Anyone can take a picture but only a TRUE photographer can capture a moment. Posing for you was a pleasure and the pictures even had me astounded, wonderful work!

MOB Robinson/Freeman said...

Thank you for caputring the most precious moments of my daughter day. Your were put the P in prefect. I can't thank you enough.Your skills showed in ever shot.Thanks for your time,effort and patience:-)Everyone who has seen the shot can't stop taking about you. I highly recommend you to any and everyone!!!!!! MOB Robinson and Freeman 13 Sept2009